Monday, September 21, 2009

Problem with my broadband connection

You might already notice that I have not been updating my blog these days. That's because my home broadband connection failed. Actually, I have no access to my home phone, and also my TV.

The service provider has been trying to fix it, but none of the technician made it. I am now planning to switch to another provider, however, I need to make sure that the existing service provider would terminate my contract first or otherwise, they will keep charging me every month. And as you might guess, the existing service provider won't give up so easily and they are still trying to send more people to check the connection out.

Therefore, at the time being, I cannot do anything but wait. Once my existing contract was terminated cleanly, I will subscribe to a new provider and by then, my network connection will become stable again.

Thank you for the wait, and wish that things will get fine soon.

1 comment:

Willis Chan said...

What is ur service provider now?