Sunday, September 06, 2009

20090906 Sun

I'm breaking the rule. You people probably know that I had been taking solar images indoor with an open window.

It is 33 degree Celcius outside. Guess what?

I dare not even to open the window, yes, I'm shooting through the cheap and dirty window plate glass with my usual setup. I know the quality is going to be bad, but during solar minimum, I can try without missing too much valuable detail hopefully. So, I did it.

First two shots are taken with a 0.5x at the nosepiece of the BF10, of course, the Solarmax 40 is in the front as usual:-

1644 (GMT+8):-

1646 (GMT+8):-

Some small detail were kind of "washed out", and the effect is similar to poor seeing.

Finally, I even did a close up with a 2x, so it means 960mm effective focal length:-

1659 (GMT+8), this one is pretty similar with what I can do with an open window:-

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