Saturday, September 05, 2009

20090905 Sun

Transparency 7/10, seeing 2/10. No sunspots nor active regions, not even big prominence. Solar activity remains low, let's hope when the "stored" energy released, it will deliver a great show.

1427 (GMT+8):-

1429 (GMT+8):-


Willis Chan said...

Yes! I guess towards 2013, there will be big shows! I need to save money to buy solar scopes before the shows. Those solar scope manufacturers may not support the tremendous demand when the big shows start. My target solar scopes are 1. A double stacked Ha scope with feather touch focuser of at least 60mm diameter. 2. A CaK scope with feather tough focuser of at least 60mm diameter.

Oldfield said...

When it's solar maximum, even a small scope will deliver much detail.

So other than planning for upgrade, it's wise to spend more time to train up our skills before the great show. You know, it could be pretty boring to shoot these days, but it's a good chance for us to train ourselves up with those elusive detail.