Friday, November 07, 2008

20081107 Moon

Telescope: Tele Vue Ranger
Camera: Canon 450D
Eyepiece: Tele Vue Nagler 13mm Type 6
Mount: Meade LXD55

Seeing is rather good at 7/10, transparency also quite nice at 5-6/10.


Nothing beats the eyepiece view, or else all of us will just buy magazines and books instead of owning our own equipment?

The moon looks so nice especially with a wide 82 degree field of view, you feel like you're watching the moon out there. It's 3 dimensional! There are some cloud floating around and you can actually feel that the cloud is closer, and some cloud are higher than the others, etc. It's just fantastic! Don't forget to insert your eyepiece in the focuser.


Mirror lock-up, spot metering was used, live view is used for focusing. The chromatic abberation nearly gone when the focus is correct. I've tried EV-0, EV-1 and EV-2. The first few are taken in JPG.



EV-2, this is probably the best exposed:-

Stacked RAW processed:-

[ Stacked version pending... ]

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