Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Selling my half Sky90

I have been co-owning a Takahashi Sky90 with an observing buddy. It's more like an impulse purchase, since another observing buddy decided to sell his Sky90 quick, and since I had been dreaming about a good refractor for long, I took the chance!

In these few years, I didn't really use it much. I have been trying to use it for visual observation, for side walk astronomy, for solar/lunar imaging, and even planets. Experienced amateurs will immediately have a big question in mind....

Yes, isn't the Sky90 more for deep sky imaging?

You're right. I didn't fully use it, and that's what I mean. For the above purpose, maybe my C5 will do even better in terms of portability and also aperture. I even briefly owned a Extender Q in order to explore the high power usage of the Sky90, but it was not impressive after all. For deep sky imaging, I guess that I lacked a good mount, but I don't think that I will buy one any time soon. I would prefer the simplicity of camera lens, as well as for the portability.

I know my observing buddy will use it for better than me, as he did in the past few years.


Tuguldur said...

so by how much are you selling? why don't you make a nice selling post with pictures and all stuff.

Oldfield said...

thank you for your interest.

actually, as in the post, this scope was jointly owned with a local friend, so I just let him to fully own it from now on.