Friday, October 10, 2008

Selling my DBK

Don't get me wrong, the DBK is superb! So, why selling it?

First of all, originally I planned to buy the DBK for two purpose:

1. Planet imaging: it's obvious, since it makes no sense to use it for solar imaging, especially in H-alpha

2. DSO imaging: I want to try if a DBK works out well with C mount lenses, or with telescope plus strong focal reducer - a strong focal reducer will work since the CCD is very small

However, after all these months, I found:

1. Planet imaging: it's really superb! My C5 shots taken with the DBK can kill my C8 shots taken with my ToUCam Pro! So, why selling it?

It's because I have no plan to upgrade in terms of aperture. While the C5 can do something nice, but it's just not serious enough, and so I would rather leave it for those who has a bigger scope.

2. DSO imaging: Now I've a Canon 450D and this is simply more portable and easier to use than a DBK which requires a notebook in the field.

Therefore, I would rather give it up at the time being. And for planet imaging, I will go back to my monochromatic camera, like my DMK 31AF03.AS or my DMK 21AU04.AS, color or not, is less important.

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