Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodbye DBK

I just passed my DBK to a local friend yesterday night.

I was selling my DBK since I found that I don't really have a serious scope for planet imaging. I consider 8" to be around the minimum to be really a serious planet scope. However, what I have is just a C5 and so I better leave it to someone else who can push it to the limit, use it more properly.

The DBK really shines. The first time I used it with my C5, it outperformed nearly all my old C8 shots taken with a ToUCam Pro. So, if you are really serious about planet imaging, do get one!

If I still want to capture some planet images, I can still use my monochromatic DMK, or my ToUCam Pro - which I still have two at home. :-)

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