Friday, October 10, 2008

A new standalone autoguider

First of all, I've zero relationship with the vendor and I just come by their product announcement and found them worth to introduce:

In short, it's something like a small and compact, non-cooled STV with the price tag of a second hand ST4! A standalone autoguider has been a dream for SLR/DSLR imagers, and I believe no one would love to do manual guiding for more than 10 minutes! Nowadays when you want to stack, you will easily need to guide all night long on the same star for the whole night, boring and exhausting indeed.

A notebook with a webcam could be a solution, but then they eat up battery fast, and of course, it's far more bulky and heavy than a standalone autoguider.

They have a promotional pricing for pre-order, but of course, we can always wait until we have real user experiences before going. Your turn.

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