Friday, June 08, 2007

Peltier cooling: Yakult!

Today I tried to do an extended test on the Peltier/heat sink/fan setup.

I apply 12V DC to the fan, and 6V DC to the Peltier module, at around 30 degree celcius room temperature, the setup can sustain for over 20 minutes of operation (I guess it can do longer), the heat sink is very warm, but not hot to touch at all, and the Peltier module remain very cold, that means the heat sink and the fan is effective enough to keep the system running.

I placed a Yakult on top of it as the load, but then I found I better place it upside down since the foil cap is more heat conductive than the plastic bottom.

After this test, I'm confident that, the system will run fine at 5V for the Peltier and 12V for the fan, being conservative. So, it's time to find a good plastic box to hold the DMK plus the peltier, leaving the fan and heat sink outside, put dessicant there and do the soldering to make it elegant.


Before this test, I tried to put 12V on the Peltier and the heat sink become so hot very quickly, and so I disconnected it to avoid damaging the Peltier.

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