Monday, June 04, 2007

My LXD55: firmware update and USB to serial adapter

I obtained an Autostar update clone cable from AstroGadget on ebay. I also obtained a USB to serial adapter locally to run the LXD55 from my notebook which does not have a serial port.

I updated the firmware to the latest version, which supports PEC, three stars alignment, high precision pointing, etc.

I updated using my desktop PC which has a serial port, but later I found that I should have used my notebook to do this, since sudden power interruption will not kill the Autostar during the update for notebook can run on battery while my desktop PC cannot.

I found that the USB to serial adapter can work well for controlling the Autostar, but it is not very compatible when using it to update firmware, sometimes it could stop in the middle. On using my desktop PC with a real serial port, the problem gone.

Finally, I conducted all the calibration, driving training, backlash values setup, etc after the firmware upgrade.

Remarks: when firmware upgrade process died in the middle, one can go to safe mode (safe loader) to re-do the process again, simply turn off the power of your mount, press and hold the "ENTER" key and the scroll down Key located to the right of the help key on the Autostar handbox, turn the power on.

The USB to serial adapter works without problem for remote scope control or autoguiding.

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