Monday, March 19, 2007

20070319 Partial Solar Eclipse

It was raining this morning, the floor is still wet, but we got some thin cloud gaps, I managed to get some shots, already very much satisfied.

My setup:-

It consists a Borg 45ED II equiped with JMI NGF-S on a Gitzo G106, with 410 head... it's the minimal setup since I hate to take everything out to end up in a big failure. For solar filtering, I got my APM Herschel Wedge with me, also those ND3 and Polariser (didn't used), a Baader CaK, and finally, a piece of cloud for filtering with my Konica Minolta Z5 (danger!). For simplicity, I also bought my ToUCam Pro (color) for my notebook does not have 6-pin 1394 port which is needed to power my DMK.

The location is a small playground near my home (3 minutes walk), I also took my little daughter Almy to go as well, but later went with my housemaid to another place since that park is all wet and she couldn't play.

So, let's go to the pictures, belows are all taken by my KM Z5, with no filter except cloud, I took these shots when it's too dim to be taken with my ToUCam Pro with Herschel Wedge, time is in HKT (GMT+8):-

While Waiting:-

0944 first shot of the day:-


1014 wider field to get a little bit more context:-

1017 wider field, and you can click for full size for this one:

1026 end time:-

Finally, to end the DC shots and go to the ToUCam Pro shots through Borg 45ED II, we have a shot taken by the DC target on the LCD screen, taken at 1021:-

ToUCam Pro shots through Borg 45ED II, Herschel Wedge for white light and for the blue shots, with Baader CaK added:-

Really really bad news.... I was spoiled by the IC Capture of DMK, forget to rename the filter everytime for a new clip, so the result is, I only got one clip, and it's after the partial solar eclipse.

Luckily, I still got the above, otherwise, none.

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