Sunday, March 04, 2007

20070304 Solar

Could see the total lunar eclipse due to thick fog and cloud.

First shot of the sun is by Borg 45ED II at prime focus, 52mm IR pass filter on objective, APM Herschel Wedge and ND3, DMK 31AF03:-

Second shot is taken with 2x barlows added:-

IR pass filter removed, exposure reduced from 1/30s medium gain to 1/1241s and zero gain:-

ND3 removed to replace with Baader CaK, exposure is now 1/736s:-

- for some reason this clip is corrupted and lost.

2x barlows replaced by 5x powermate, exposure is now 1/77s:-

The result is pretty encouraging even at ~f/41.

Finally, c5 + baader visual film, prime focus, CaK, exposure 1/8s, medium gain... cloud rolled in, in the middle of the capture, only ~500 frames available and thus noisy:-

Baader visual film is too strong for CaK usage, even at f/10, it's far dimmer than my Borg 45ED II at f/41 with Herschel Wedge.

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