Saturday, March 03, 2007

20070303 PST First Light; Comparison of PST, PSM, and SM40

AR944 is the only more apparent tiny active region.

First two by PST alone, 1/30s low gain:-

1237 (GMT+8), monochromatic:-

1239 (GMT+8), false color:-

Third by PST + SM40, very dim image, 1/15s with medium gain.

Some more surface detail can be revealed, no doubt it's an improvement but the rust is preventing it to go to full potential.

Forth is by Borg 45ED II + SM40/BF10, 1/736s with zero gain, so it:-

It shows that the PST rust is very opaque when we compare the exposure time, you may refer to earlier entry of this blog for a shot of the objective. Bandwidth is well maintained for the amount of detail surprised me actually, so the etalon is in perfect condition, indeed.

On the other hand, some white patch and some small filaments can be found in the PSM shots but not apparent and absent in the PST only shot, double stacking really helps.

Fifth is by APM Herschel Wedge + Polarizer + Baader CaK, Borg 45ED II:-

Sixth is like the above with Borg 45 ED II replaced by Ranger, this time I used a purple color scheme and push the contrast slightly higher than before:-

Next is like the above with 2x barlows, contrast really pushed during processing to bring out more detail:-

Since the Herschel Wedge is already in place, I shall really at least taken one shot. Finally is like the above but in White Light (ND3), notice that white light is far more affected by poor seeing condition than H-alpha and CaK:-

White light, again, is the hardest thing to take, most affected by seeing condition, you see how ugly the contrast and detail here.

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