Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jupiter with C8

Around 4:15a this morning, I put my tripod on the floor instead of on the window platform, I found that I can comfortably set my C8 on the LXD55 to point to Jupiter without major blocking.

The view on the eyepiece review that the scope was slightly out of collimation, I tried to fix it but only to make it worse, I didn't do it for long... after maybe 10 minutes, I managed to fix it but the cloud was already covering... before full coverage, I managed to see it briefly on my DMK.

I hope I will have chance to get a good pic soon. Not bad to look at the eyepiece briefly, and also to re-learn collimation.

Collimation is easy as long as you don't require yourself to collimate AND to give all the screws a firm feel... I shall give it a fine tune when chance allows.

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