Sunday, April 30, 2006

20060430 solar observation

Taken at 1640, Ranger 2x, SM40/BF10, DMK 31AF03, 876 and 875.

Full disc, ranger at prime focus:

another full disc, same raw AVIs but different approach:

The raw are two AVIs, one covering the top part and another one covering the lower part.

The first one is done by stacking two AVIs separately, and then stitch them together via Photoshop, process the stitched again by registax wavelet, and fine tune again by Photoshop.

The second one is done by stacking two AVIs together, via a common alignment point and use expand image to merge all frames together according to the common alignment point, it's then wavelet processed and fine tuned by Photshop.

Seems like by using a common alignment point, more frames are stacked together effectively for a larger area, and then allow stronger processing.

An AR875 close up, specially processed to burst contrast, may look not very natural:

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