Thursday, April 05, 2018

Equipment updates

Just sold a number of stuff which I rarely use:

1. GOTO Mark-X
2. Celestron C5
3. Gitzo G106
4. Manfrotto 410

My major equipment after selling the above:

1. Solarmax 60 with BF10
2. Tele Vue Ranger with NGF-S
3. Velbon tripod
4. Nexstar mount
5. Sky Adventurer mount
6. Polemaster
7. ASI 120mm and 120mc
8. Canon 10x30 IS
9. Canon 18x50 IS
10. Canon FD 300mm f2.8 modified to EF mount

Time to tidy up my equipment cabinet and the dry box.

The equipment which I use most is the Solarmax 60 Ranger combo on Nexstar mount for solar imaging indoor.  Next will be the Canon IS binoculars for casual observation during camping, or overseas trips.

Less usage will be the Sky Adventurer mount for wide field or deep sky imaging with my Canon DSLR.  So this equipment lineup is about right for me.

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