Wednesday, March 09, 2016

20160309 Partial Solar Eclipse

My original plan was dull and boring, i.e. making high resolution H-alpha eclipse shots.  But the sky was so bad earlier this morning rendered this plan impossible.  So armed with my Canon 70D with a 100-400mm lens, and a 20 years old thousands oaks solar filter, what can I do?

I did a field trip yesterday night to see whether the location is suitable or not.

And this was how it looks this morning:-

Gave up? Not yet...

At 0814 (GMT+8), I first saw a hint of the sun...

Then at 0821 (GMT+8), it was even better

Soon I realized that I could take some images which clear sky would not allow, this was taken at 0844 (GMT+8),

Another mug shot at 0835 (GMT+8),

The sun was climbing up, taken at 0844 (GMT+8),

The sky was once cleared enough so that my filter must be used, taken at 0857 (GMT+8),

More shots with terrestrial object at 0920 (GMT+8),

Another one at 0922 (GMT+8),

The last one at 0954 (GMT+8),

Something that couldn't be done with great sky...

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