Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Urban Comet Observation C2014/Q2 Lovejoy

I went back home at around 11:00p, and then cleared up the tasks of the kids... checking homework, technical support, etc... I went out at 11:30p!

I simply can't go too far, so I go to the playground where I used to jog.  Along the way, I checked the sky when there are trees blocking the close-by street lights.  M45 is naked eye visible, M42 of course.  But I could detect the comet by scanning around M45.

When I was about to arrive the playground, I settled for several minutes in another dark corner but then nothing was detected.  So I proceeded to the playground.

I found a chair, sat down.  I found some thin cloud but why not?  Armed with only a Canon 10x30 IS and my mobile phone as star chart, I found that I could use the bull eye, and M45 as guide posts... soon I located the comet without doubt.

It's big and diffused, bigger than M31 in darker (Hong Kong) sky... and remember this is from bright urban sky!  I guess that I was detecting a hint of the faint tail, too.

I am so happy... you know why I insisted to go out?  I worried that the weather forecast might betray me!  So, take any chance when you have, don't wait!

I'll surely go out again tomorrow night, with a small telescope plus a camera for sure!

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