Thursday, January 01, 2015

Going outside

Some non-astronomer friends would like to go out tonight to a darker place, and I've to bring all the stove and cookset.  Thus, to reduce my burden, I decided not to bring any telescope but to use my 200mm 2.8L as a telescope!  It's a compact 70mm refractor actually and with a barlows, I can use a diagonal too.

I've brought my Nexstar mount but I've decided to go lighter, so I brought a small chair to use with the Nexstar!  It's also lighter and more compact as well.  Ugly but works.

I've also brought my Canon 10x30 IS, together with my new 70D.

My target is simple, to capture C2014/Q2 in a darker site!


The sky was foggy with scattering thin cloud, and with the bright moon, even M41 is just detectable.  The moon was observed with a 4mm eyepiece and I found it hard to focus, and the image is no good.

Camera lens is only suitable for wide field scanning.

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