Tuesday, July 15, 2014

20140715 Saturn

First time doing planet with my Nexstar SE mount.  Seeing poor at 2/10, transparency also low at 4/10, I believe.  This is done with my white C5 at f/20.

At 1/15s, gain was pushed to 80% which indicates poor transparency.

Visual observation with a 20mm eyepiece renders a solid image, but pushing to 125x by adding a 2x barlows, image becomes a bit too dim.

Tracking is very nice, however, the initial alignment is a bit difficult inside home given a narrow view angle from a small window.  Given the alignment is done, GOTO is rather accurate as I can quickly go to the Mars even at 62x!

I will do it again soon whether the sky gets better.  Saturn is quite nicely positioned this year.

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