Monday, March 24, 2014

20140324 Jupiter

I have a brief look at Jupiter with my Ranger tonight.  My GOTO Mark-X is not useable due to the poor viewing angle, my 410 head did it marginally. 

Finding it with my 20mm widescan at 3+ degree field of view is easy, and then I zoomed in using my 4mm at 120x, quite a nice view despite the cloud around.

Imaging is rather impossible, unless with an iOptron Cube like mount which I owned before, but the aperture and quality are both very limited.


I watched the dealer's page and Meade supply seems resumed, and then I send him an email, my new solar filter will probably be ready earlier next month!  Longing for that, need to make an adapter for my Ranger first, and also get a JMI NGF again!

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