Friday, January 24, 2014

20140124 Sun as the first test of my enhanced Mark-X

I'm active again, the Ranger focuser was regreased, and the Mark-X was enhanced.  The work was mostly done except only the polarscope illuminator was not yet fixed in place.

See the pencil mark to see where should be trimmed for fitting.

Fitted in and mounting screws hole drilled, fixed in place.

Two more holes on mounting the DEC slow motion control block in place, smaller holes were drilled first for the possibility of fine tuning by enlarging for better fit.

The old mounting bar was used to guide the new mounting holes.

Done and it looks as in my mind before all the actual drilling work.

The first light in action!

The ballhead side was not used, and it could be used for wide field imaging or simply as a balance.


This is the first light of the mount, 1209 (GMT+8):-

And dimmer group of the top center (a bit right) is very interesting and it should be AR 1957, worth continue monitoring if situation allows.

Ranger at prime focus.

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