Friday, January 03, 2014


We went to Pak Tam Chung (aka PTC for local buddies) for a short observation, taxi from Sai Kung was around $60 and it took just around 10 minutes to arrive.

Armed with my Ranger on a small tripod, and also my Canon 10x30 IS, we had some good time under the starry skies.  The sky was not very dark by any standard because we have some not-far-away street lamps and a toilet nearby with naked lights.  However, it's enough for several hours of target hunting.

Several local buddies were taking images so no green laser points to guide around, but it's not too hard to use finger and repeated descriptions.

This time, we have also bought a camping cookset.  It allows hot drinks and cup noodles which are so nice in cool weather. 

It's just wonderful to start a new year under a starry sky!


Equipment modified project:

I've just ordered a U-adapter originally for Vixen GP, and I shall adapt it to my Mark-X and the hardest part is to enlarge the 35mm polar scope hole to 40mm to fit my Mark-X.  Patience is the king.  Drilling holes for my slow motion control and to mount to the Mark-X should be relatively easy.

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