Monday, January 14, 2013

2013-01-14 Jupiter

Didn't do planet for very long, especially now I only got a 70mm refractor.  But I asked myself, my hobby started with this 70mm refractor anyway, and that's also why I'm addicted, so here we go!

Armed with my Mark-X, I walked down stair to a nearby playground where I have some more skies.  Inside home for this particular season, I couldn't have Jupiter in a good viewing angle.  That's why I have to go out.  Now, I only got a Lu070M so I couldn't do color easily without a filter wheel, so why not just go monochrome?

So here is my setup, my trusty Tele Vue Ranger with its original focuser, with a 5x Tele Vue Powermate.  Tracking done with my GOTO Mark-X using a self hacked Tele Vue System mount motor.

My Asus Eee PC has its hard drive broken a few months ago and after replacement, I haven't run K3CCD on it yet so the initial setup wasted me like 10 minutes or so.  Cloud rolled in and I nearly missed the capturing chance!

I've viewed through it with my Widescan Type III 20mm which yields 120x, and I guess I should have brought my 4mm TMB with me!  Anyway, the disc is big enough for me, the purple fringing is okay, not too annoying.

Taken at 2331 (GMT+8, the left one), and 2333 (GMT+8, the right one), not bad indeed... I enjoy!

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Gary said...

Very impressive demonstration of what a 70mm is capable of imaging in skilful hands! 无得顶!