Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Samyang 8mm f3.5 arrived!

I've some paypal balance and I consider it better to buy something than to transfer it to the bank since the charge is high and the conversion rate is bad.

I ordered it last Thursday and it arrives today (Tuesday), so it's very quick. The seller does not give me a tracking number and I could find one on the package, so if they will send it to me, it's definitely better.

The items were well packed, but the lens cleaning set has some of its fluid leaked maybe due to the pressure from other items. The box of the kit was partially soaked and some of the papers inside the box was somewhat wet as well, luckily, the lens was not affected at all.

The brand name on the box was Rokinon but the manual has Samyang, so it's an OEM product. The lens was built like tank with tight tolerance. The focusing ring was smooth and the aperture ring snaps into place with clicks. Focusing was easy due to its huge depth-of-field even at f3.5. No focusing was required if I stick at f8 or something like that. The focuser is butter smooth, a feeling of high quality focuser, feel like L class lens. No joking!

The metering of my 450D tends to give brighter image, but then I found similar issue even with my telescopes attached. Simple exposure compensation (AV) could fix the problem easily.

I never played with such a wide lens and 10mm is the widest I tried. The huge field of view and the fish-eye effect was immense! I guess that I will need to spend a lot of time with it to get use to it. The first thing that I wanted to do was definitely a wide field imaging on a good starry night but then since a typhoon is coming, I will not have a chance to do so any time soon.

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