Tuesday, May 31, 2011

20110531 Saturn

Didn't really take any picture of Saturn for very long, now I only have my Ranger again and the iOptron Cube was sold, so I've to go back to hand tracking with my Manfrotto 410 geared head.

To my surprise, I can still manage hand tracking at up to 2400mm manually... guess what, tracking and focusing at the same time is not a simple trick, it takes patience and a lot of patience...

Still love the raw and small image from the eyepiece, it's lovely and enjoyable, the wonderful thing of amateur astronomy. Not even Hubble images can rival!

0010 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows at 960mm focal length:-

0014 (GMT+8), with 5x powermate at 2400mm focal length:-

Taken with my lovely 13+ years old Tele Vue Ranger!

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