Saturday, December 18, 2010

20101218 Sun

The sky is still very clear, a little bit less transparent than yesterday but it's close. Seeing is better, however. I would rate seeing at 4/10, transparency at 7-8/10.

There's some nice prominences around. I've tried to do a big mosaic which is the first time with my Lumenera. Clear sky is a must for good mosaic or else cloud will be a huge hindrance. Good solar activity is helpful so that you have alignment point for registax in each individual frames. I found that the high frame rate of my LU070M is very useful, since it shortens the time required for each individual shot!

1153 (GMT+8):-

1156 (GMT+8):-

1206 (GMT+8):-

The mosaic is not posted due to the limitation of inline image of blogger.

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