Monday, December 06, 2010

20101206 Sun

The sun is putting on a fine show today, we have a long filament, two big active regions, some very big (a bit dim) prominences.

I also had some visual observation with my Nagler 13mm, AR1131 is three dimensional! That large group of prominence is fantastic! You know, I can see layers of hydrogen in AR1131... you know, H-alpha solar observation is definitely addicting.

1142 (GMT+8), with reducer:-

1143 (GMT+8), with reducer:-

1145 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, AR1131:-

1146 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows:-

1147 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, not much more detail can be seen with a dedicated exposure, the Lumenera has a really nice dynamic range:-

1149 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, AR1131 and AR1133:-

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