Friday, February 20, 2009

20090220 Sun

Seeing 6/10, transparency 2/10. The sky is white, but there seems no real cloud. Low surface activity except a short QRF, but prominence activity is strong, and we have several of them all around the solar disc. The sun is on fire!!!

First two are taken with my Borg/SM40/BF10 based setup:-

1406 (GMT+8):-

1407 (GMT+8):-

Then, I pulled out my Cheapy-ERF/C5/PST/BF10 based setup:-

This is one of the most interesting one, 1415 (GMT+8):-

The same one at 13 minutes later:-

Next is another interesting one, this one is so special that I never saw something similar before, taken at 1418 (GMT+8):-

Yet another interesting one, 1419 (GMT+8):-

Finally, an interesting part of the solar disc surface, 1423 (GMT+8):-

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