Sunday, October 28, 2007

20071028 Sun

The big prominence yesterday is gone, but we still got another smaller one, since it's pretty small in size, I used my C5/PST based setup to capture it, at 1250mm focal length and f/10, I already need to use 1/15s and medium gain to capture, it's faint as well. Full disc shots were also captured to record down its relative size to the solar disc.

First is a tiny quiet region filament (QRF), taken with C5 at prime focus, histogram highly scratched to show the detail, 1449 (GMT+8):-

A random patch on the sun, 1453 (GMT+8):-

Full disc prominence shot at 1529 (GMT+8), plus two higher image scale shots at 1443 and 1458 (GMT+8):-

Full disc surface detail at 1530, Borg 45ED II at prime focus, we probably can't find that tiny QRF in the first shot, can you? Oh sorry, I can't.

Transparency is 2/10, seeing is something like 1-2/10. It was cloudy at first, but after some wait, I got the sun through otherwise very misty sky, probably no luck to watch the comet again tonight due to the bad transparency.

Also did an experiment to use a Herschel Wedge as a ERF, with PST etalon and PST-BF5, also a red filter, a IR-UV block to see if it's a working configuration, good news is that, some surface detail does show up! It's a very scalable setup since the Herschel Wedge can be used in virtually refractors of any size! Let's see.

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