Friday, October 19, 2007

20071019 Quiet Sun? No!

It's Chung Yeung Festival today, and we got a holiday today. Chung Yeung in Chinese is called double nine, or double Sun. The Sun has been quiet for a couple of days (weeks?), there is little or no active region, little prominences and lack of filaments. Transparency is 4/10, seeing is 2/10.

The first two shots are obtained by SM40/BF10 with my Ranger, DMK31AF03 at prime focus, they're stitched as a mosaic below:-

Then I pulled out my C5 based setup, consisting of a Cheapy-ERF plus the PST etalon, BF10 to shoot, first is a prominence and then next is the surface detail of the same location:-

Finally, another quiet corner of the sun... oh no! it's not quiet at all! I told myself, there's no quiet sun, and there's only insufficient aperture or too wide bandwidth:-

Okay, switch to CaK to get some idea of the sun in another wavelength. Borg 45ED II, APM Herschel Wedge, Baader CaK, DMK31AF03:-

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