Sunday, November 26, 2006

20061126 Solar/Lunar Observation

C5/PST and SM40/Ranger were used. Cloud moving very fast, very disturbing, poor seeing.

Ranger at prime focus, 1553 HKT:-

Ranger with 2x barlows, close up of AR926, 1602 HKT:-

C5/PST, 1530 HKT, processed with MAP:-

C5/PST, HKT 1533, a big prominence, processed with MAP:-

C5/PST, HKT 1539, another prominence, but this one is much dimmer so that I've to use 1/9s exposure at high gain, only 7.5 fps can be used:-

An animation made from four images separated by 4 minutes, click on it to show:-

Lunar observation is conducted at around 6PM HKT after coming back from a nearby playground with my daughters, all by C5 with/without the 2x barlows:-

C5 at prime focus, this one is the first time which I targeted at the wrinkles, to be exact, the Y shape long wrinkle is called Serpentine Ridge, the close by Gassendi like cracter is called Posidonius:-

C5 with 2x barlows, typical thing which I would do is to get close up of attractive craters on the moon, the guys on the stage is Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina:-

This one aims at to capture that two domes, name and whether they're really domes are pending to check:-

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