Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A new page on indoor imaging

Since downsizing, this is the first time I did indoor imaging. The setup is simple, LXD55 with C5.

The first test is C5 at prime focus using DMK 31AF03, on the moon:

Since autostitch accepts JPG only, so the image quality is less than ideal, quite a lot of noise and useful information are removed by the lossy compression and that prevents any further processing. I shall investigate another way to do the mosaic work. For full size:


Another way to do mosaic, purely by PS, but since I'm very cheap in operating it, the result is terrible:

The second test is 2x barlows on moon, poor seeing means, oops:

The third test is C5 on Jupiter, however, seeing was too bad that Jupiter has some random hair, so didn't get any AVI.

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