Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mosaic failed

But here it is.


1. Capturing: use all the same settings, make sure exposure are the same. capturing from bottom to top, to avoid backlash, start in the east and match to the west; after completing a series of the same DEC, adjust DEC to capture the next series.

Allow more overlapping. I was too greedy and aggressive at first and thus the first strip cannot be merged to the rest...

2. Processing: turn off predict track, since the subtle detail on the solar disc is better non-tracked than tracked. disable stretch histogram, expand image can be left on or off. Finally, wavelet process the stacked result briefly, but remember to use the same amount of wavelet profiles. This step will allow stitching software to work more effectively.

3. Stitching: stitch all at once, don't do it piece by piece.

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