Thursday, January 18, 2018

20180118 Sun, tweaking parameters of ASI 120mm

Seeing rather bad at 3/10, transparency very low with pollutant at 3/10.

Got some more time to tweak the settings of the ASI 120mm camera.  I never really studied enough for this little camera, today I switched on the high speed mode, and adjusted Turbo USB to 100 and I finally got more than 30 fps!  Silly me.

I should have adjusted the gain but I forgot what values did I set.

The first one was taken with my usual setting, at slower frame rate, taken at 0703 (UT).

After tweaking, taken at 0710 (UT) at more than 30 fps (around 32-34 fps), and gain lowered.

I found the contrast slightly better, less noise, etc.  The higher frame rate should freeze the seeing better.

Sharpcap kept the record rather well, gain was reduced from 50 to 40... I believe it could be driven down a bit further.

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