Thursday, April 07, 2016

20160407 Sun (visual)

Thick cloud floating around...  so it's good time for testing my Canon 18x50 IS plus my newly DIY baader filters.

The rings were two 52mm-58mm stepping ring with 58mm male thread.  52mm is about right given the 50mm aperture of the Canon, and then 58mm would be perfect with the Canon, too!

The Baader filter was removed from my DIY filter previously for my Canon 10x30 IS... I won't use the Canon 10x30 IS for that purpose given I've the bigger brother.

Image stabilization works great, and I can detect the tiny 2528 without looking at on the first hand.  Sounds quite nice.

Suddenly, I remember that I had used with Canon 10x30 IS for my total solar eclipse trip!

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