Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Bob's knobs ordered for my C5

Went out last night for Jupiter imaging, setup everything but found that collimation was off!

Too bad that I forgot to bring a screw driver.... no way to tune!

So, I ordered a set of Bob's knobs! 

I was tempted to buy compatible screws, but then I feel that I need to respect the original inventor!

I found my newly bought small camera bag could fit my C5 and the Gitzo G105!  The zipper pockets could hold eyepiece too!

I'd keep my C5 therefore.


Some day-back records:

A few days ago I took some solar images.

Two nights ago I went out for visual observation with my Canon 10x30, but then nothing could be seen except M42 and M45... M35-38 failed, M41 was suspected.

Last night was the Jupiter imaging session, failed badly.

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