Saturday, November 07, 2015

Concept: Motorized focuser for my Ranger

Formerly, I was using a NGF-S and then upgraded to a NGF-CM. But those were sold due to the exit from solar imaging, and after getting the Solarmax II, I had been looking for a JMI focuser, but so far I could find any good deal. I had bought a Event horizon focuser but then it was incompatible with the old interfacing adapter. With the recent jump in shipping cost, and the lack of good second hand offering, I am thinking to motorize the original helical focuser of the Ranger. Going up to 2" for the Ranger is not very attractive and that also lowers the motivation towards JMI focuser, too. So I will be looking for a timing belt (同步皮帶), and a suitable timing pulley (同步輪/同步皮帶輪) and DIY suitable mounting adapters. The mechanism should be better be removable, and I could engage and disengage the motorizing mechanism too. Let's see how to move on. -- At the mean time, I will to use my adapted Canon FD 328 for visual purpose, see if it is acceptable or not for wide field scanning and high power observation.

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