Friday, February 13, 2015

20150213 Sun

I got no time to shoot that extraordinary long filament... but it's not yet gone completely, so I caught the chance today.

The sky was full of scattering cloud.

Let's begin with 5x shots first:-

This monster prominence taken at 2400mm is bigger than Jupiter in size!  I've never seen such a big monster in the last ten years!

And then we have AR2282 in close up:-

Let's go to 2x:-

This is that long filament, it's not unexpected that part of it was now out of sight.  Notice that the filament extends rather far out to form a straight and tall prominence there, so we know how "thick" that filament actually is.  This is a two frames mosaic.

That bigger than Jupiter prominence at 2x:-

Finally, we go for prime focus shots:-

My younger daughter Almy was on sick leave today, so she had a view on all those features... she loves the view too!

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