Thursday, February 20, 2014

20140220 M42

I was both a bit too busy and too tired physically to go out tonight.  But it was a bit too bad if I didn't observe with better sky, so why not just to have some simple observation from inside my home?

M42 was my target.

I pulled out my Ranger, with my 20mm widescan, it's quite easy to see.  Even the trapezium could be resolved at this magnification.  Jumping with a 2x barlows, the view is better for sure.  Then I pulled out my 4mm TMB planetary, and it becomes a bit too dim to view with direction vision.  Averted vision does help a lot and this is by far the best view of the night.

The chromatic aberration was not a problem for deep sky observation, even at higher magnification.  I was thinking whether I might go for a bigger achromat?  But that won't help on solar imaging...

Anyway, it's so nice tonight since I can concentrate myself on a single target visually.

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