Monday, October 28, 2013

20131028 Sun (and an accidental finding)

Plenty of sunshine today but we have cloud scattered around, visual observation is okay but imaging is an nightmare, I've to wait until clear moments.  Seeing, however, does not change and remain bad.  I would rate transparency at 6/10 and seeing at 3/10.

Imaging without barlows is easy, since moving cloud would be averaged out, taken at 1550 (GMT+8):-

With 5x powermate, AR1884 and 1885, taken at 1602 (GMT+8):-

With 5x powermate, AR1873 and 1875, taken at 1604 (GMT+8):-

All taken with my only telescope, Ranger with Baader 3.8 and a generic green filter, Lumenera LU070M, around 1/100s exposure with very low gain.

And I found the DIY DEC body manual slow control knob of my Mark-X could be used with a broken microwave oven switch!

 And I guess it will spend more of its life with the microwave oven than under the starry sky!

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