Monday, March 19, 2012

For Sales: 127mm Masutov (SOLD)

Up for sales is a  Skywatcher 127mm Maksutov (same as Orion), it's compact and high quality.  I bought it for white light solar imaging but I soon found that the silver secondary was creating internal (multiple) reflections between the solar filter.  Other than that, this small scope works out very well.

I have made a belt driven focusing motor for it.  The motor could be mounted and taken away within seconds.  Notice that a hand controller is not included, you may use any controller for DC motors like JMI or Rigel, etc.  I can include a DIY controller box for $200 HKD extra, or you can add $400 for a USB controller box for computerized focusing.

Detail of the focusing motor:

Come with end caps, 1.25" visual back (with T thread), Vixen compatible dovetail.

The color patch on the lower left shown on the picture is just reflection, the objective is clean with little dust.  Ask for $1999 HKD (SOLD).

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