Saturday, April 09, 2011

20110409 Sun

Summer is coming, and the sun will be travelling westward so that I won't be able to shoot the sun from inside my home without some adjustments. Today, I've to open the other side of the window to shoot and the angle of view is very strange making centering of the solar disc a bit more difficult. Right now the solar disc was being blocked partially by the upper side of the window and so I'll have to wait around 30 minutes I guess (it's now 1256 GMT+8).

There's a large QRF as I can see with the partially blocked image from the display right now. A medium sized prominence loop could be detected as well.

Since I've to go out, I really have no time to wait for complete clearing of the blocked aperture, so here we go:

Taken at 1322 (GMT+8).

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