Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Going for a family trip

Chinese New Year is coming and this is a special one for me since I'll be going for a trip with my family. We're going to some villages and hopefully I'll have some better sky than Hong Kong. Since I'll be going with the kids, I couldn't bring anything heavy. What I will take are the following:

1. Gitzo G160 with Manfrotto 410 head
2. Takahashi TG-SP II without counter weight
3. DIY battery box with 4 AA Sanyo eneloops
4. Canon 450D with kit lens, timer release
5. Canon 100mm f2.0
6. Canon 10x30 IS
7. Pocket Star Atlas, S&T Publishing

The TG-SP II is small, and it can take my Canon 450D without any additional counter weight, the motor compartment is a built-in counter weight and I found that it's heavy enough to balance the 450D with either the kit lens or the 100mm f2.0! Also, since it takes only 6V, and I found that it works without problem at 4.8V so power supply is not a problem as well. Visual observation would be done with a Canon 10x30 IS.

Weather forecast is favorable:


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