Monday, October 11, 2010


I received an email asking about my Lumenera, it seems perfectly normal at the first stage and that "buyer" even asked for more photographs of the camera.

When everything is ready, that "buyer" said the payment was made but then when I login my paypal account, I saw nothing. Not even a notification. But then that "buyer" sent me a notice (in paypal style) that the balance was held until I transfer a certain sum back to a middleman in order to verify my identity.

From my past experience, paypal never work in this way. So, I sent email to paypal for comment. They verified that it is a common way of spoofing.

This note is written to expose this kind of spoofing, so be very careful when you do online transaction. But again, I should emphasize that most of the people are honest and nice from my experience. Just take extra care when money is involved in any case.

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