Monday, April 12, 2010

20100412 Sun

It has been cloudy for very long, my K3CCDTool is about to expire. I tried to see if it works with my DMK, but it seems not. It's on the menu, but the image just won't show up. Anyway, it's probably the best deal to support my Lumenera, and I'm going to register in a couple of days.

Summer is coming and the sun is moving to a location such that I've to mount my telescope via an offset plate, the mount is not perfectly balance in that location but it works since the telescope is light. The sun will keep moving to a worse position until the next Fall.

The Lumenera continue to shine because of its 12-bit capability, the prominence on the right side is fantastically connect to the filament in one single exposure (stacked).

1505 (GMT+8):-

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