Monday, March 15, 2010

Comparing apple with orange: Lumenera vs. DMK

First of all, it's an unfair comparison and the sky was too bad to do the comparison nicely. Seeing could be quiet good but it's hard to estimate due to the extremely poor transparency, I would say it's 1/10 at best.

The apple is a Lumenera LU070M and the orange is a DMK 31AF03, the target was the sun and it is mounted on the same scope and same filter set. Here're the results:

20100315 1421 (GMT+8), captured with the DMK:-

20100315 1413 (GMT+8), captured with the Lumenera:-

The DMK has more pixel and the amount of detail is higher for sure, however, the bigger pixel (more well depth) and the higher dynamic range (12-bit) render better contrast as expected. I can see the prominence along with the surface detail while capturing with the Lumenera, no stretching is required during image processing.

The DMK has lower frame rate (30fps) and thus the Lumenera (60fps) managed to get enough frame faster.

Depends on what you want, if you just want a quick full disc shot, the DMK has an edge here since it gives more resolution, but for anything else, the Lumenera seems better. Having said that, the difference is not huge.

Later, I realized that there's some light leakage, mainly due to the fact that it's not an enclosed model, see the following for some ideas:

So I put a small paper board in front of it and take another shot:

AR1052, 2x barlows, Lumenera LU070M.

A very nice camera indeed, well worth the price!

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