Thursday, January 14, 2010

20100114 White Light Sun

Before the sunspot goes away, I catch the chance to capture it. I setup my Orion 100ED f/9 on my LXD55, using my APM Herschel wedge as the filter, plus a a combination of ND3/polarizer/green filters... Prime focus, 3x and 5x are used to pump up the image scale.

The seeing is poor, and registax has a hard time to do the processing, since every frames are different, I cannot even determine which one should be used as the reference for the alignment process.... I would rate it a 3/10, transparency quite good at 5/10.

One of the video taken with my 5x Powermate:

Another one:

Processed shots, no good indeed...

1534 (GMT+8), 900mm:-

1540 (GMT+8). 4500mm:-

1551 (GMT+8), 2700mm:-

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