Monday, October 05, 2009

Stuff for sales

I prefer local (Hong Kong) sales except the Herschel wedge which could be shipped.

1. Orion 100ED f/9 OTA with rings ($3888)

- Superb optical quality, the tube is not very long and it "fits" into a tripod bad which I will include in the deal. I usually unscrew the lens with its cell to store separately.

2. Unistar Light mount ($1500)

- With less than 2kg in weight, it supports even a C8 up to around 100x (stable!), the ultimate portable visual mount, 3/8" thread

3. 1.25" APM Herschel wedge with B+W ND3 and Polarizer ($1999)

- The best you can get for white light solar imaging, period.

All prices are listed in HKD, please contact me if interested.

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