Friday, August 14, 2009

20090814 Sun

Very low activity again, transparency 5/10, seeing 5/10.

I did a simple experiment like this on the usage of the reducer. I pulled out the camera a little bit, i.e. the nosepiece is not all the way sit in the BF10, that results in stronger effective focal reduction, but it will require more in-travel. So my initial attempt shows that my scope has insufficient in-travel, so I pushed the DMK a little bit more into the BF10, still couldn't reach focus, so I further pushed it until a power where I can reach focus... that is the strongest reduction I could get with my given setup, and here are the results:

No need to mark the time, since there's virtually zero activity.

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Willis Chan said...

Do u think this is similar to drop out some light? Think about the light cone. I am not sure about ur configuration. Try the method I mentioned in my previous comment. I also want to know the result....